Available Products

All my photographs are available for purchase.  They are available in any size, mat, or frame.  

I have use custom framer for those interested.

Pricing - The pricing for any print is based on the size and not the actual print.  These prices are the same for all prints of that size.  I also offer discounts for multiple purchases.  Below is pricing based on single purchases and purchase three prints (not including shipping).  If you want to purchase more than three prints, please contact me for further discounts.  These prices are the same for either color or black and white.

Print Size Purchase 1 Print Purchase 3 Prints
5" x 7" Unmatted $10.00 $25.00
Matted $20.00 $50.00
8" x 10" Unmatted $15.00 $35.00
Matted $30.00 $75.00
11" x 14" Unmatted $30.00 $75.00
Matted $55.00 $135.00

Readily Available - Any print unto 8" x 10" in size is readily available.  I can have any prints these sizes ready in about 1 - 2 days.  Every print goes out priority USPS, therefore, it should reach you within a few days.  The times are not guaranteed, but are typical.   

Color or Black and White - As you can see these prints are in color.  Since they are mostly digital prints, they can all be converted to black and white.  If you left click on the picture, a separate picture should come up that shows you the black and white version.  

Custom Work - If you would like a print larger than 8" x 10", then that is no problem.  I can make a print into any size requested.  This is simple, however, I will have to send these out for processing. Therefore, it will take a little bit longer.  So far, the processing lab I utilize has a turn around time of less than a week.  So, unmatted prints can be sent in about a week's time.  If you would like matting for the larger prints, that would take approximately an additional week.  

- The sizes mentioned on this site are the print size.  The mat will add to the overall size of the print.  The mats I use are typical sizes and use the same size opening as frames found in any store.  All prints are matted with archival mats and foam core backer board to allow longevity of the prints.  All mats and backer board are archival type, so they will not effect the print.  

Mat Color - I have two colors to choose from, either a black mat or a white mat.  The mat color use is mostly personal preference.  One of the questions I will ask is what color are the other pieces that you will be hanging this print around.  I like to keep them similar.  The mat color is also dependent on the print image.  Some images look good in both white or black, and other images look good in only one.  If you are not sure of what color mat you would prefer, you can contact me to discuss it.  I can mat in custom colors too.  However, there will be an additional charged based on the size and color of your matting.  It will also take a little longer, as I will have to order the different matting.  

Mat Sizes- As mentioned above, the sizes mentioned on this site are the print size.  The matting typical adds around 1.5" - 2" on each side of the print.  The size of the print after being matted is a typical size for any standard frame.  There is no need to get these custom framed (unless you want to).  Belwo are the sizes of the prints after they are matted.  
      - 5" x 7" Prints will be matted to a size of 8" x 10"

       - 8" x 10" Prints will be matted to a size of 11" x 14"

       - 11" x 14" Print will be matted to a size of 14" x 16"
C5 Photography - Black Mats C5 Photography - White Mats
This is an example of the black mat and frame
(Shown is 8x10 print in a black frame, 5x7 print matted, and 8x10 print matted)
These are an examples of the white mat (8" x 10" Print - 11" x 14" Mat)
C5 Photography - Label
Finished Products - All prints are hand signed by me on one of the front lower corners (depending on the picture).  I sign the print with a gold pen.  On the back of each print I place my company label that has my contact info.  This will help the customers remember me in case they want to return to purchase more prints.  I will also place a label that states the name of the print for easy reference.  These are not in any way distracting from the print itself.  

All prints are placed in a plastic sleeve as a final preparation.  This protects the print from any fingerprints or other little marks.  

Other Available Photos - When I take photos of a subject, there are several that I do not post on this site.  Therefore, I have numerous photos that people do not get to see.  If interested in seeing these other photographs, I am available for a local consultation.  An easier way, especially those that are not local, is to contact me.  I can set up a personal page and show you some photos of a subject you are thinking about.  



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